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About ISE-MeshTools

ISE-MeshTools' Focus and Scope

ISE-MeshTools provides a set of tools for editing, positioning, deforming, labelling, measuring and rendering sets of 3D meshes.

Features include:

  • Retro-deformation for un-deforming fossils/deformed specimens
  • Point and curve primitives for placing the exact type of landmark points you're interested in
  • Easy to use 3D interface for positioning and manipulating sets of surfaces and landmark primitives
  • Mesh tagging, labelling and coloring (to allow for the creation of anatomy atlases)
  • Mesh scalar computation and coloring (based upon curvature/thickness etc...)

About the software

MeshTools is based on the design concepts of the software FoRM-IT (Fossil Reconstruction and Morphometry Interactive Toolkit; see Zollikofer CPE & Ponce de León MS (1995) Tools for rapid prototyping in the biosciences. IEEE Comp. Graph. Appl., 15(6), 48-55; Zollikofer CPE & Ponce de León MS. (2005) Virtual reconstruction: A primer in computer-assisted paleontology and biomedicine. New York: Wiley).

ISE-MeshTools is mainly developed and maintained by Renaud LEBRUN, Stefan SCHLAGER, and Jean DUMONCEL.
Cécile PELADAN has implemented the GPU acceleration code and the ICP-based deformable template functions.

ISE-Meshtools is open-source, you can pull the source code at

Logo: Maëva ORLIAC.

ISE-MeshTools is developed in C++ with the help of the following libraries: VTK , FLTK.
ISE-MeshTools also uses the following C/C++ classes:
- CDataFile
- vtkOBJWriter