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How should I cite ISE-MeshTools in scientific publications?

You may cite ISE-MeshTools with the following references:

Lebrun, R. ISE-MeshTools, a 3D interactive fossil reconstruction freeware. 12th Annual Meeting of EAVP, Torino, Italy; 06/2014

Lebrun, R., Orliac, M. J., 2016. MorphoMuseuM: an online platform for publication and storage of virtual specimens. The Paleontological Society Papers, 22, 183-195.

Is ISE-MeshTools a geometric morphometrics software ?

No. However, you can digitize 3D landmarks on complex 3D surfaces using ISE-MeshTools, which you can use in other software.

Can I produce/extract 3D meshes out of CT/MRI data using ISE-MeshTools ?

No. To extract 3D meshes CT/MRI data sets, you have to use another software. However, you can edit 3D Meshes in various ways using ISE-MeshTools.

Is there a "CTRL-Z" functionality around ?

I did not implement yet the possibility to cancel any action. I am thinking about it though. So remember to regularly save your work (especially when tagging surfaces), otherwise precious hours of work can be lost in a second.