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M3#321_AMU-CURS 585

Maxilla with left M3-P2 and right I2

Data citation: Carrillo J. D., Amson E., Jaramillo C., Sánchez R., Quiroz L., Cuartas C., Rincón A. F., Sánchez-Villagra M. R., 2018. M3#321_AMU-CURS 585. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.321

Model solid/transparent

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Specimen infos

Sex : indet

Age group : Adult

Age (if applicable) : Pleistocene

Material Type : Maxillary bones and teeth

Origin : Falcón, Venezuela

Class : Mammalia

Order : Notoungulata

Family : Toxodontidae

Genus : Falcontoxodon

Species :aguilerai

Maxilla with left M3-P2 and right I2

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3D models related to the publication: The Neogene record of northern South American native ungulates
Juan D. Carrillo, Eli Amson, Carlos Jaramillo, Rodolfo Sánchez, Luis Quiroz, Carlos Cuartas, Aldo F. Rincón and Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra
Published online: 2018-07-30

Keywords: Astrapotheria; Castilletes Formation; Neogene; Notoungulata; San Gregorio Formation

doi: 10.18563/journal.m3.61


    This contribution contains the 3D models described and figured in: The Neogene record of northern South American native ungulates. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology. Doi: 10.5479/si.1943-6688.101

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Published in Volume 04, issue 02 (2018)