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M3#498_UFSM 11606

Left dentary with m1-m3

Data citation: Copetti P., Parisi-Dutra R. ., Stock Da-Rosa A. A. ., Kerber L., 2021. M3#498_UFSM 11606. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.498

Model solid/transparent

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Specimen infos

Sex : indet

Age group :

Age (if applicable) : Pleistocene

Material Type : _

Origin :

Class : Mammalia

Order : Cetartiodactyla

Family : Tayassuidae

Genus : cf. Pecari

Species :tajacu

Left dentary with m1-m3

Related article
3D model related to the publication: A new fossil of Tayassuidae (Mammalia: Cetartiodactyla) from the Pleistocene of northern Brazil
Paula Copetti, Rodrigo . Parisi-Dutra, Atila A. Stock Da-Rosa and Leonardo Kerber
Keywords: Laser scanning; megafauna; Rio Madeira Formation; Rondônia

doi: 10.18563/journal.m3.105


    The present 3D Dataset contains the 3D model of a left dentary with m1-m3 analyzed in “A new fossil of Tayassuidae (Mammalia: Certartiodactyla) from the Pleistocene of northern Brazil”. The 3D model was generated using a laser scanning. 

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Published in Volume 07, issue 01 (2021)