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PIM PIMUZ A/III 4380  associated but disarticulated specimen  Reptilia/Diapsida/indet. Eusaurosphargis dalsassoi
PIM PIMUZ A/I 3026  Neurocranium  Actinopterygii/Semionotiformes/Dapediidae Scopulipiscis saxciput
NMMNH, Albuquerque NMMNH P-66225   Skull  Actinopterygii/Palaeonisciformes/Birgeriidae Birgeria americana
Instituto Antártico Argentino IAA 03-5  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Mirounga leonina
Museo de Ciencias Naturales Bernardi MACN 48259  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Ommatophoca rossii
Instituto Antártico Argentino IAA 530  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Lobodon carcinophagus
Instituto Antártico Argentino IAA 02-13  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Leptonychotes weddellii
Museo de La Plata MLP 14.IV.48.11  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Hydrurga leptonyx
Zürich Zool. Museum UZNH 17973  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Phoca vitulina
Digimorph MVZ 125566  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Odobenidae Odobenus rosmarus
NMNS, Tokyo SIK_gibbsii  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Neurotrichus gibbsii
NMNS, Tokyo SIK_orarius  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Scapanus orarius
NMNS, Tokyo SIK_aquaticus  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Scalopus aquaticus
University Museum Tokyo DK6545  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Oreoscaptor mizura
University Museum Tokyo DK0887  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Urotrichus talpoides
NMNS, Tokyo SIK_altaica  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Talpa altaica
University Museum Tokyo DK2551  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Mogera wogura
NMNS, Tokyo SIK_malayana  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Euroscaptor malayana
NMNS, Tokyo SIK0673  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Euroscaptor klossi
NMNS, Tokyo SIK0050  Skull  Mammalia/Lipotyphla/Talpidae Condylura cristata

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