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Labelled 3D model of right isolated petrosal of Prodremotherium sp. from Pech de Fraysse (Quercy, MP 28)

Data citation: Alexandre Assemat Logo and Nicolas L. M. Brualla Logo, 2015. M3#7. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf7

Model solid/transparent

basicapsular groove, caudal tympanic process, cochlear aqueduct, crista interfenestralis, epitympanic wing, fenestra cochleae, fenestra vestibuli, fossa for tensor tempany, hiatus fallopii, internal acoustic meatus, posteromedial flange, processus mastoideus (broken), promontorium, secondary facial foramen, subarcuate fossa, tegmen tempany, transpromontorial sulcus, vestibular aqueduct

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Specimen infos

Sex : indet

Age group : Adult

Age (if applicable) : Oligocene MP 28

Material Type : Skull, petrosal

Origin : France, Quercy

Class : Mammalia

Order : Cetartiodactyla

Family : Gelocidae

Genus : Prodremotherium

Species :sp.

Isolated right petrosal bone.

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The petrosal bone of Prodremotherium sp. (Artiodactyla, Ruminantia).
Alexandre Assemat and Nicolas L. M. Brualla
Published online: 13/02/2015

Keywords: Late Oligocene; MP 26; MP 28; periotic bone; ruminant


    This project presents the 3D models of two isolated petrosals from the Oligocene locality of Pech de Fraysse (Quercy, France) here attributed to the genus Prodremotherium Filhol, 1877. Our aim is to describe the petrosal morphology of this Oligocene “early ruminant” as only few data are available in the literature for Oligocene taxa. 

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Published in Vol. 01, Issue 02 (2015)