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ISSN: 2274-0422

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Left labyrinth model of Peloneustes philarchus NHMUK R 3803

Data citation: James, M. Neenan Logo, Tobias Reich, Serjoscha W. Evers Logo, Patrick Druckenmiller Logo, Dennis Voeten Logo, Jonah N. Choiniere Logo, Paul Barrett Logo, Stephanie E. Pierce Logo and Roger Benson Logo, 2017. M3#325. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.325

Model solid/transparent

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Specimen infos
Collection : Natural History Museum, London (UK)

Inventory number : NHMUK R 3803

Sex : indet

Age (if applicable) : Jurassic

Material Type : Skull, bony labyrinth

Origin :

Class : Reptilia

Order : Plesiosauria

Family : Pliosauridae

Genus : Peloneustes

Species :philarchus

left labyrinth

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3D models related to the publication: Evolution of the sauropterygian labyrinth with increasingly pelagic lifestyles
James, M. Neenan, Tobias Reich, Serjoscha W. Evers, Patrick Druckenmiller, Dennis Voeten, Jonah N. Choiniere, Paul Barrett, Stephanie E. Pierce and Roger Benson
Published online: 07/12/2017

Keywords: ecomorphology; Endosseous Labyrinth; geometric morphometrics; palaeoecology; semicircular canals


    The present 3D Dataset contains the 3D models analyzed in "Neenan, J. M., Reich, T., Evers, S., Druckenmiller, P. S., Voeten, D. F. A. E., Choiniere, J. N., Barrett, P. M., Pierce, S. E. and Benson, R. B. J. Evolution of the sauropterygian labyrinth with increasingly pelagic lifestyles. Current Biology, 27." 

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Published in Volume 04, issue 01 (2018)