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SN103, partial left innominate. Age and occurrence – Taïba Formation, Lutetian of the near Taïba Ndiaye, quarry of the Industries Chimiques du Sénégal (ICS)

Data citation: Lionel Hautier Logo, Raphaël Sarr Logo, Fabrice Lihoreau Logo, Rodolphe Tabuce Logo and Pierre Marwan Hameh, 2015. M3#5. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf5

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Specimen infos
Collection : University Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal

Inventory number : SN103

Sex : indet

Age group : Adult

Age (if applicable) : Lutetian

Material Type : innominate

Origin : Senegal

Class : Mammalia

Order : Cetartiodactyla

Family : Protocetidae

Genus : indet.

Species :indet.

The Lutetian cetacean specimen from Senegal is a partial left innominate. Its overall form and proportions, particularly the well-formed lunate surface with a deep and narrow acetabular notch, and the complete absence of pachyostosis and osteosclerosis, mark it as a probable middle Eocene protocetid cetacean. Its size corresponds to the newly described Togocetus traversei from the Lutetian deposits of Togo.

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3D model related to the publication: First record of the family Protocetidae in the Lutetian of Senegal (West Africa)
Lionel Hautier, Raphaël Sarr, Fabrice Lihoreau, Rodolphe Tabuce and Pierre Marwan Hameh
Published online: 05/12/2014

Keywords: Innominate; Protocetid; Senegal


    This contribution contains the 3D model described and figured in the following publication: Hautier L, Sarr R, Lihoreau F, Tabuce R, Marwan Hameh P. 2014. First record of the family Protocetidae in the Lutetian of Senegal (West Africa). Palaeovertebrata 38(2)-e2 

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Published in Vol. 01, Issue 01 (2015)