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Segmented cranial bone surfaces of OMNH 44816

Data citation: Pascal Abel Logo, Yannick Pommery, David P. Ford Logo, Daisuke Koyabu Logo and Ingmar Werneburg Logo, 2022. M3#965. doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.965

Model solid/transparent

angular_left, angular_right, articular_left, articular_right, dentary_left, dentary_right, epipterygoid left surface, epipterygoid right surface, fragment1, fragment2, fragment2, fragment3, fragment4, frontal_left, frontal_right, jugal_right, lacrimal_left, lacrimal_right, maxilla_left, maxilla_right, nasal_right, opisthotic_left, opisthotic_right, palatine_left, palatine_right, palatine_right, parabasisphenoid, parietal_left, parietal_right, postfrontal_left, postfrontal_right, postorbital_left, postorbital_right, postparietal_left, prearticular_left, prefrontal_left, prefrontal_right, pterygoid left surface, pterygoid right surface, pterygoid right surface, quadrate_left, quadrate_right, quadratojugal_left, quadratojugal_right, septomaxilla_left, splenial_left, splenial_right, squamosal_left, squamosal_right, stapes_left, stapes_right, supraoccipital, surangular_left, surangular_right, teeth, vomer_left, vomer_right

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Specimen infos

Sex : indet

Age (if applicable) : Artinskian, Cisuralian, Permian

Material Type : skull

Origin : Fissure filling, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Class : Sauropsida

Order : Eureptilia

Family : Captorhinidae

Genus : Captorhinus

Species :aguti

Almost complete skull of the Early Permian reptile Captorhinus aguti. The specimen misses the left nasal and jugal. The left prefrontal and squamosal, the parabasisphenoid and supraoccipital, as well as the left dentary, angular, and surangular are incomplete. The right septomaxilla is probably present but metallic inclusions precluded a proper segmentation. Completely missing in the skull are the premaxillae, prootics, basioccipital, and exoccipitals. Some bones are broken, but nevertheless completely preserved, these are most notably the right palatine, left postorbital, right maxilla and jugal, and both parietals.

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3D models related to the publication: Skull sutures and cranial mechanics in the Permian reptile Captorhinus aguti and the evolution of the temporal region in early amniotes
Pascal Abel, Yannick Pommery, David P. Ford, Daisuke Koyabu and Ingmar Werneburg
Published online: 28/05/2022

Keywords: Captorhinidae; Cranial osteology; Eureptilia; Reptilia; Sauropsida


    The present 3D Dataset contains the 3D models analyzed in: Abel P., Pommery Y., Ford D. P., Koyabu D., Werneburg I. 2022. Skull sutures and cranial mechanics in the Permian reptile Captorhinus aguti and the evolution of the temporal region in early amniotes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

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Published in Volume 08, issue 02 (2022)