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MUSM 4643  Fragment of mandible preserving three teeth  Mammalia/Rodentia/Chinchilloidea Microscleromys paradoxalis
AM, Sydney M6297  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Canidae Canis lupus dingo
AM, Sydney M24153  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Canidae Canis lupus dingo
AM, Sydney M33608  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Canidae Canis lupus dingo
AM, Sydney M38587  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Canidae Canis lupus dingo
AM, Sydney M39960  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Canidae Canis lupus
AMNH, New-York 278520  Skull, bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Phyllostomidae Platalina genovensium
AMNH, New-York 278525  Skull, bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Molossidae Tomopeas ravus
AMNH, New-York AMNH-VP 3024  Skeleton  Sauropsida/Crocodilomorpha/Protosuchidae Protosuchus richardsoni
AMNH, New-York AMNH-73816  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Testudinidae Gopherus berlandieri
AMNH, New-York AMNH-10028  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Testudinidae Kinixys belliana
AMNH, New-York AMNH134518  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Testudinidae Testudo hermanni
AMNH, New-York AMNH 12695  endocranial cast  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Homacodontidae Homacodon vagans
AMNH, New-York AMNH 13079  endocranial cast  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Helohyidae Helohyus sp.
AMNH, New-York AMNH 45508  endocranial cast  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Merycoidodontidae Leptauchenia sp.
AMNH, New-York AMNH 95330  endocranial cast  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Agriochoeridae Agriochoerus sp.
AMU-CURS, Urumaco, Venezuela AMU-CURS 585  Maxillary bones and teeth  Mammalia/Notoungulata/Toxodontidae Falcontoxodon aguilerai
CAPPA-UFSM, Brazil CAPA/UFSM 0009  CAPPA/UFSM 0009, almost complete skeleton  Sauropsida/Saurischia/Herrerasauridae Gnathovorax cabrerai
CAPPA-UFSM, Brazil CAPPA/UFSM 0032  brain endocast  Therapsida/Cynodontia/Traversodontidae Siriusgnathus niemeyerorum
CAPPA-UFSM, Brazil CAPPA/UFSM 0030  Brain endocast  Therapsida/Cynodontia/Traversodontidae Exaeretodon riograndensis

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