Volume 01, Issue 04
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ISSN: 2274-0422

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MorphoMuseuM Volume 01, Issue 04
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Original article : anatomy atlas

Skeletogenesis during the late embryonic development of the catshark Scyliorhinus canicula (Chondrichthyes; Neoselachii)
Sébastien Enault, Sylvain Adnet Logo and Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud Logo
Published online: 25/04/2016

Keywords: Chondrichthyes; development; mineralization; Scyliorhinus canicula; skeleton

References: 31
Cited by: 7

Cite this article: Sébastien Enault, Sylvain Adnet and Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud, 2016. Skeletogenesis during the late embryonic development of the catshark Scyliorhinus canicula (Chondrichthyes; Neoselachii). MorphoMuseuM 1 (4)-e2. doi: 10.18563/m3.1.4.e2

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Current knowledge on the skeletogenesis of Chondrichthyes is scarce compared with their extant sister group, the bony fishes. Most of the previously described developmental tables in Chondrichthyes have focused on embryonic external morphology only. Due to its small body size and relative simplicity to raise eggs in laboratory conditions, the small-spotted catshark Scyliorhinus canicula has emerged as a reference species to describe developmental mechanisms in the Chondrichthyes lineage. Here we investigate the dynamic of mineralization in a set of six embryonic specimens using X-ray microtomography and describe the developing units of both the dermal skeleton (teeth and dermal scales) and endoskeleton (vertebral axis). This preliminary data on skeletogenesis in the catshark sets the first bases to a more complete investigation of the skeletal developmental in Chondrichthyes. It should provide comparison points with data known in osteichthyans and could thus be used in the broader context of gnathostome skeletal evolution. 

Specimens and 3D Data

Scyliorhinus canicula SC6_2_2015_03_20 View specimen


Mineralized skeleton of a 6,2 cm long embryo of Scyliorhinus canicula

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.50   state:published

Download 3D surface file

Scyliorhinus canicula SC6_7_2015_03_20 View specimen


Mineralized skeleton of a 6,7 cm long embryo of Scyliorhinus canicula

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.51   state:published

Download 3D surface file

Scyliorhinus canicula SC7_1_2015_04_03 View specimen


Mineralized skeleton of a 7,1 cm long embryo of Scyliorhinus canicula

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.52   state:published

Download 3D surface file

Scyliorhinus canicula SC7_5_2015_03_13 View specimen


Mineralized skeleton of a 7,5 cm long embryo of Scyliorhinus canicula

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.53   state:published

Download 3D surface file

Scyliorhinus canicula SC8_2015_03_20 View specimen


Mineralized skeleton of a 8 cm long embryo of Scyliorhinus canicula

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.54   state:published

Download 3D surface file

Scyliorhinus canicula SC10_2015_02_27 View specimen


Mineralized skeleton of a 10 cm long embryo of Scyliorhinus canicula

Type: "3D_surfaces"

doi: 10.18563/m3.sf.55   state:published

Download 3D surface file


Published in Volume 01, Issue 04 (2016)


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