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MRAC 73.029-M-0105  Right bony labyrinth.   Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Mandrillus leucophaeus
MRAC 28425  Right bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Mandrillus leucophaeus
MRAC 28998  Right bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Cercocebus atys
MNHT OST.AC.493  Right bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Macaca sylvanus
MNHT OST.AC.508  Left bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Chlorocebus aethiops
MNHT OST.AC.532  Left bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Macaca sp.
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 4368  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Cervus nippon
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 92954  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Muntiacus reevesi
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 35549  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Alces alces
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 1450  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Axis axis
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 79852  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Capreolus capreolus
ZFMK, Bonn, Germany ZFMK 67.237  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Capreolus capreolus
ZFMK, Bonn, Germany ZFMK 86.125  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Dama dama
Unisinos U-4922  Cranium  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Antifer ensenadensis
MCN, SEMA MCN-PV 943  Cranium  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Antifer ensenadensis
MNB, Berlin ZMB 47502  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Cervus elaphus
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 92332  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Muntiacus reevesi
SMNH, Stuttgart, Germany SMNS 11070  Skull, bony labyrinth  Sauropsida/Testudines/Cheloniidae Lepidochelys olivacea
NHM, London NHMUK R 38955  Skull, bony labyrinth  Sauropsida/Testudines/Cheloniidae Puppigerus camperi
FMNH, Chicago, USA FMNH 22111  Skull, bony labyrinth  Sauropsida/Testudines/Chelydridae Macrochelys temminckii

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