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MRAC 28425  Right bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Mandrillus leucophaeus
MRAC 28998  Right bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Cercocebus atys
MNHT OST.AC.493  Right bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Macaca sylvanus
MRAC 73.018-M-389  Right bony labyrinth.   Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Cercocebus torquatus
MRAC 73.029-M-0105  Right bony labyrinth.   Mammalia/Primates/Cercopithecidae Mandrillus leucophaeus
UFAC UFAC 2742  Right dentary with cheek teeth  Mammalia/Rodentia/Dinomyidae Drytomomys sp.
ISEM, Montpellier UM ROS 2-95  Right humerus  Mammalia/Primates/Adapidae Adapis sp.
UFAC UFAC 4762  Right maxilla with cheek teeth  Mammalia/Rodentia/Dinomyidae Pseudopotamarchus villanuevai
CAPPA-UFSM, Brazil CAPPA/UFSM 0035  Sacral vertebrae  Sauropsida/Saurischia/indet Buriolestes schultzi
CAPPA-UFSM, Brazil CAPPA/UFSM 0228  Sacral vertebrae  Sauropsida/Saurischia/indet indet indet
AMNH, New-York AMNH-VP 3024  Skeleton  Sauropsida/Crocodilomorpha/Protosuchidae Protosuchus richardsoni
NHM, London NHM-PV R 2054  Skeleton  Sauropsida/Crocodilomorpha/Metriorhynchidae Metriorhynchus superciliosus
RVC, London FNC0  Skeleton  Sauropsida/Crocodilia/Crocodylidae Crocodylus niloticus
UPPal, Poitiers UPPal-M09-5-005a  Skull  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Hippopotamidae Choeropsis liberiensis
Zürich Zool. Museum UZNH 17973  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Phoca vitulina
Instituto Antártico Argentino IAA 530  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Lobodon carcinophagus
Museo de Ciencias Naturales Bernardi MACN 48259  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Ommatophoca rossii
Instituto Antártico Argentino IAA 03-5  Skull  Mammalia/Carnivora/Phocidae Mirounga leonina
ISEM, Montpellier UM N179  Skull  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Hippopotamidae Hippopotamus amphibius
MNHN, Paris MNHN.F.PAM276  Skull  Mammalia/Pilosa/Megatheriidae Megatherium americanum

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