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MNB, Berlin ZMB 47502  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Cervus elaphus
SMF, Frankfurt, Germany SMF 92332  bones  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Cervidae Muntiacus reevesi
MNB, Berlin ZMB 49659  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Chelidae Chelodina reimanni
Private collection IW IW92  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Chelidae Emydura subglobosa
SMNH, Stuttgart, Germany SMNS 11070  Skull, bony labyrinth  Sauropsida/Testudines/Cheloniidae Lepidochelys olivacea
NHM, London NHMUK R 38955  Skull, bony labyrinth  Sauropsida/Testudines/Cheloniidae Puppigerus camperi
NHM, London NHMUK1940.3.15.1  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Cheloniidae Caretta caretta
MNB, Berlin ZMB-37416MS  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Cheloniidae Chelonia mydas
FMNH, Chicago, USA FMNH 22111  Skull, bony labyrinth  Sauropsida/Testudines/Chelydridae Macrochelys temminckii
GPIT, Tübingen, Germany GPIT-PV-79430   Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Chelydridae Macrochelys temminckii
UFR, Fribourg, Switzerland UFR VP1  Brain endocast  Sauropsida/Testudines/Chelydridae Chelydra serpentina
LACM, Los Angeles, USA LACM 162448  Isolated tooth  Mammalia/Rodentia/Chinchilloidea indet indet
PUCRS, Brasil MCP 1600 PV  skull  Therapsida/Cynodontia/Chiniquodontidae Probelesodon kitchingi
RVC, London FNC0  Skeleton  Sauropsida/Crocodilia/Crocodylidae Crocodylus niloticus
JAGUARS M1571_JAG  head  Mammalia/Pilosa/Cyclopedidae Cyclopes didactylus
PIM PIMUZ A/I 3026  Neurocranium  Actinopterygii/Semionotiformes/Dapediidae Scopulipiscis saxciput
SEM, Rapanui AT1  petrosal, in situ stapes  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Delphinidae indet. indet.
ISEM, Montpellier UMPAT159  left hemimandible  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Diacodexeidae Diacodexis cf. gigasei
UFAC-CS UFAC-CS 011  palatal region of the skull with cheek teeth  Mammalia/Rodentia/Dinomyidae Potamarchus adamiae
UFAC-CS UFAC-CS 043  Left dentary with cheek teeth  Mammalia/Rodentia/Dinomyidae Potamarchus adamiae

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