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Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Switzerland

View Coll. Inv. # Mat. Type Systematics Species
NMB, Basel NMB Em18  skull and endocast  Mammalia/Hyaenodonta/Hyaenodontidae Proviverra typica
NMB, Basel NMB.Em12  cranium  Mammalia/Hyaenodonta/Hyaenodontidae Eurotherium theriodis
NMB, Basel NMB Sth. 833  Skull, petrosal, bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Moschidae Micromeryx? eiselei
NMB, Basel NMB.O.B.928  Mandible  Mammalia/Perissodactyla/Rhinocerotidae Epiaceratherium magnum
NMB, Basel NMB.O.B.928 + MJSN POI007–245 + NMB.I.O.43  Skull and mandible  Mammalia/Perissodactyla/Rhinocerotidae Epiaceratherium magnum
NMB, Basel 10028  petrosal  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Tragulidae Tragulus javanicus
NMB, Basel C.2453  petrosal  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Tragulidae Moschiola meminna
NMB, Basel C.1930  petrosal  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Tragulidae Hyemoschus aquaticus
NMB, Basel San.15053  petrosal  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Tragulidae Dorcatherium crassum
NMB, Basel NMB Fa.213.abg  Skull, petrosal, bony labyrinth  Mammalia/Cetartiodactyla/Tragulidae Dorcatherium crassum

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