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Order: Chiroptera

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View Coll. Inv. # Mat. Type Systematics Species
ISEM, Montpellier UM VIE-250  Cranium  Mammalia/Chiroptera/indet. Vielasia sigei
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 162253  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Pteropodidae Pteropus pumilus
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 161026  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Pteropodidae Rousettus aegyptiacus
AMNH, New-York AMNH M-274330  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Pteropodidae Sphaerias blanfordi
MRAC AM RG-M31166  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Rhinopomatidae Rhinopoma hardwickii
MRAC AM RG-12268  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Megadermatidae Lavia frons
ISEM, Montpellier UM ZOOL-762-V  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Hipposideridae Hipposideros armiger
MRAC AM RG-38552  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Rhinonycteridae Triaenops persicus
MNHN, Paris MNHN CG-2006-87  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Rhinolophidae Rhinolophus luctus
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 157013  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Vespertilionidae Scotophilus kuhlii
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 161396  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Vespertilionidae Kerivoula pellucida
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 156998  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Miniopteridae Miniopterus schreibersii
AMNH, New-York AMNH M-247585  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Molossidae Cheiromeles torquatus
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 105767  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Natalidae Nyctiellus lepidus
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 95718  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Phyllostomidae Macrotus waterhousii
AMNH, New-York AMNH M-271513  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Mormoopidae Mormoops blainvillii
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 105827  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Noctilionidae Noctilio albiventris
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 53240  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Thyropteridae Thyroptera tricolor
AMNH, New-York AMNH M-187705  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Nycteridae Nycteris macrotis
UMMZ, Ann Arbor, USA UMMZ 102659  Endocranial cast  Mammalia/Chiroptera/Emballonuridae Balantiopteryx plicata

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